espresso maker, 4cup brikka

Bialetti Brikka Stovetop Espresso Maker, 4 Cup
Coffee with "cream". This is Baletti's latest innovation! Brikka Bialetti revolutionizes the coffee-making and drinking experience. Thanks to a special pressure-controlled valve you can now enjoy the rich and intense flavor of a creamy coffee. A special coffee for a special moment every day. The Brikka system is the product of intense technological and qualitative research by Bialetti and is patented world wide. Carefully follow the instructions and enjoy an authentic coffee with a frothy cream just like one form the Italian bar! The new Brikka is yet another great product brought to you by the ever-present "little man with the moustache". The 4-cup (1.5oz ea)version has a Clear insert lid and produces up to 4 espresso cups.
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