Submit Your 3D Cutter Ideas!

Whisk’s 3D Printer Experiment Whisk is excited to introduce our 3D printer. It’s called The Replicator but we simply call him Hal. We’ve brought him in to the business because we’re fascinated by the prospects of what 3D printing will mean to the world of manufacturing in the next decade. With Hal, we’re printing CUSTOM COOKIE CUTTERS for YOU.karatekid copy HOW DOES THIS WORK? Do you have an idea for a cutter that you can’t buy? Simply send us an image that we can reference, or for the tech-savvy of you, you can submit any vector image file (such as .ai or .svg). We can also happily direct you to online sites if you want to create a design yourself. And then Hal will create the cutter in the available color of your choice. All of our cutters are made from PLA, a corn-based biodegradable plastic. Most cutters will cost $8 each, though we may need to charge more for particularly large or complicated cutters.   Click here to get in touch with our 3D printer team You can check out an interview with our very own Nick about HAL here!