Gift Ideas for Cooks

Wondering what to get the cook in your life who already seems to have everything?
Whisk to the rescue!

We have a ton of great gift ideas for the cook in your life, no matter their skill level!

Kitchen Knives:

Whisk offers a variety of amazing kitchen knives at all different price points. We’ve got a knife for everyone! If you’re looking for an everyday kitchen workhorse, we’d recommend a Chef’s knife or Santoku. We’ve got plenty to choose from!
We also have a variety of other every day knives like bread knives or paring knives. If you’re looking for something a little more specific, we’ve got you covered there too! Sushi knives, boning knives, carving knives, cleavers, or steak knives, Whisk is here for you. You can build your own set, or choose that one perfect blade. We even have high end carbon steel knives from Japan!Kitchen Knives | Whisk

Dutch Ovens:

A dutch oven is always a great gift for someone who loves to cook because they’re so versatile. You can prepare a ton of different dishes. Soups and stews, braises and roasts, casseroles and one pot dishes, you name it. You can even use them to bake bread! Dutch ovens are incredibly durable and distribute heat evenly, because they’re made of heavy duty enameled cast iron. We have a wide variety of options in different sizes and price points. Dutch Oven | Whisk

Brazilian Soapstone Pots:

Brazilian Soapstone Pots combine the function of a dutch oven with the beauty of natural soapstone. These beautiful pots have been made and used in Brazil for over 400 years! Soapstone is well known for its ability to retain and evenly distribute heat. For this reason they’re absolutely ideal for low and slow cooking in moist heat. 

They’re also perfect for serving. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, but they also retain heat for so long that they’ll keep dinner warm all through your meal! Just don’t forget the trivet, the outside of the pots stays just as hot as the interior! To learn more check out our blog on these soapstone pots
Brazilian Soapstone Pots | Whisk

Cast Iron Skillets:

Seasoned cast iron skillets are another kitchen workhorse that makes a great gift. You can absolutely change the life of your favorite cook with one of these pans. They heat evenly, develop a natural not-stick seasoning as you use the, and can last several lifetimes if cared for properly. Cast iron can get super hot, so it’s great for searing and browning, but it can be used for more delicate recipes too. Many cooks start with one and wind up buying a collection of these skillets in different sizes. To learn more, check out our blog post on our obsession with cast iron.
Cast Iron Skillets | Whisk

Kitchen Blenders:

Blenders make great gifts for cooks. Full size kitchen blenders can be used to make soups and purees, smoothies and milk shakes, batters, nut milks, even frozen cocktails! Score! Immersion blenders are perfect for cooks too, because of their small size and portability. They’re perfect for soups, gravies, and pan sauces because they can puree your food without ever taking it out of the pan!

Blenders | Whisk

Smoking Gun:

The Smoking Gun is another one of those gifts people won’t buy for themselves! They’re great for skilled home cooks who want to take things to the next level. They’re small, portable, and super easy to use, so they’re great for small scale smoking. Just put a piece of fish (for example) in a bowl covered with plastic wrap. Slip the smoker hose under the plastic to fill the bowl with smoke, and 10 or so minutes later, you have delicately smoked piece of protein! You can even smoke cocktails and soups with these amazing gadgets! Incredible.

Smoking Gun | Whisk

Specialty gifts:

If your friends and loved ones have more specific interests in the kitchen, we can help you there too. We’ve got a great selection of baking mixes, ingredients, cookie cutters, and specialty baking pans for the baker in your life. We even have a selection of beautiful, heavy duty bundt pans!

Bundt Pans | Whisk

For the cocktail lover in your life, we have everything under the sun! Mixology tools galore, beautiful glassware, a huge selection of cocktail bitters and mixers. We even have a kit so you can make your own bitters!

Cocktail Bitters | Whisk

If you just can’t decide, cookbooks make great gifts too, and we’ve got plenty. No matter what someone’s interested in, we have a cookbook that’d be perfect for them.

Cookbooks | Whisk


this is our year for sure

I’m trying to put all of my feelings of awe and immense gratitude into the perfect words. Which isn’t really happening as well i’d like it to at present, which is, in turn, bumming me out a little bit. Anyway, this holiday season was our most successful one ever. We’re all so incredibly thankful for all of our wonderful customers who have embraced us, and our store, and did tons of shopping here! Of course, this isn’t just for holidays, but all year as well. It’s crazy to think we’ve only been doing this for two years – look how far we’ve come! In addition to our Williamsburg location (the “flagship” in creepy consumer corporate talk) we opened a little pop-up at the Limelight Marketplace this year. If not for our awesome customers, and staff, there’s no way any of this would have been possible. In fact, we’re sold out of so many things, and due to the holidays and the storm, we’ve been delayed on getting a lot of items back in stock. We promise we will have everything you want back in as soon as we possibly can! Thank you, thank you, thank you – a million times thank you. We love being here and being part of your neighborhood. We love all of our customers, too. Yes, even you. Thank you.

In the middle of holiday mania, we managed to get (almost) the whole Whisk crew together for dinner, drinks and skeeball. We had so much fun, and learned so much about bitters from our homie Sother, over at Rye. In addition, we had a delicious dinner (Thanks, Cal!) then headed over to Full Circle Bar for some skeeball. In fact, we are so in love with Skeeball, that we will be having a Whisk team in the upcoming Brewskee Ball League! Hell yes! To see what dorks we become when out in the “real” world, you can check out our Whiskmas party pics on facebook. Be our friend, will ya?

Lots of drinks were had.

So, now that the sappy bits are over, what are your new years eve plans? We’re open until 6 tonight, so if you’re around, swing through and scoop up whatever you need for your big bash. I assure you – we have plenty of glassware and bar stuff in stock. Also, we’ve got a huge selection of bitters to make your drinks fancy and ease your hangovers tomorrow. One line i’m really excited to be stocking is Scrappy’s Bitters. They are hand crafted in small batches in Seattle by our buddy Miles – and are absolutely amazing. Cardamom bitters in a hot toddy? Don’t mind if I do!

This coming year, we’re looking forward to getting in awesome new things, and have some big things coming – including our webstore – which is FINALLY ready to go. It’s so close now – and we’re working hard to get it up to get you what you need. Also, for all of you who popped the question, or had the question popped this season, we will indeed be offering an online gift registry. Which means, you can have your Aunt in Houston buy you what you want from your favorite (this should be us) kitchen store and get it delivered right to your apartment!

So, dear friends, thanks again from the bottom of our hearts (Yes! We do have hearts!) for your continued support. Have a great 2011. We love you!

minutes after close on 12/24

New Years Bonus: The Lawrence Arms – 100 Resolutions My favorite New Years-related song. This year i’ll try not to drink too much, unless it is fancy cocktails. They don’t count, right? Thank god they banned FourLoko.

Bacon Marmalade, holiday hours, our birthday = OH MY!

Please join us this Saturday, November 20, from 3-5 at our space in the Limelight Marketplace for a sampling for Bacon Marmalade! Chef Ross and his trusty sidekick/gorgeous fiancee Joanna will be on hand sampling their famous bacon marmalade. In addition, they will have BOTH their limited-edition spicy marmalade and original jars for sale. Come out, have a taste, and pick some up for your Thanksgiving dinner!

Next week, for Thanksgiving, we will have extended hours. Wednesday we will stay open until 9PM, and we will be open Thanksgiving day from 10AM to 2PM for all you last minute turkeys! Friday we will be opening at 11AM instead of our usual 10:30 (we need to sleep off our dinners!). We’re fully stocked on all sorts of turkey gear, and pie boxes, and flasks (truly, everything you need) so come on down!

Thanksgiving marks our 2nd birthday! It’s hard to believe that we’ve been doing this for 2 years already! In that time, our whisk family has grown by 2 babies, one Limelight store, many more staff members, and tons of valued customers. We’ve listened to hours upon hours of Bruce Springsteen, unpacked nearly a jillion boxes, and Kari has been powered by at least a thousand diet cokes by now. As a big thank you to everyone who has supported us and been our friend, we’re doing a few specials! We have a super duper amazeballs $2 and $22 sale on tons of items starting Friday, November 26. Yes, you read that – TWO BUCKS! Also, we’re giving away a MEGA gift basket of all of our best-selling items. To win, become our friend on facebook, and leave us a wall post telling us about your favorite kitchen tool. Next Friday, 11/26, we will pick the BEST entry and they will win!

Looking like deer in headlights, with our lovely landlords

Again, a heartfelt thank you for supporting us over these past two years. We really don’t like to get sappy, but we are completely grateful for each and every one of you.
xoxo, whisk