pocket thermometer, digital

Digital Pocket Thermometer by Thermoworks
Rated #1 by a leading Cook's magazine, this Super-Fast ThermoWorks Pocket Thermometer reads temperatures in just 5 seconds. In use at thousands of restaurants, food plants, labs and by health inspectors world-wide. Perfect affordable choice for home or commercial use. IMPROVED ACCURACY Upgraded to ±0.9F up to 212F. This accuracy is only found in professional instruments. Thoroughly tested against NIST-traceable standards. SPEED Faster than any other thermometer in this price range! The reduced tip is only 1/16" diameter to comply with USDA meat thermometer requirements. Fully speed-tested in ThermoWorks Standards Lab to reach within 1F of the final temperature in only 5-6 seconds at any temperature in the range. LONGER BATTERY LIFE Uses a reliable CR2032 battery with circuit improvements to reliably allow 5,000 hours of continuous use between battery changes. MAX/MIN FUNCTION Saves the highest and lowest temperatures since your last reset. Great for checking dishwasher, fridge or freezer temps. Made by Thermoworks. FOR REGISTRY ONLY.
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